13 Photography Tips for Websites

When it comes to developing websites, cost is often a concern, especially with smaller businesses and budgets. One area I commonly see people trying to cut costs is with photography. I often compare websites to an online version of a brochure. The main pages of the site should look clean, crisp, professional, and offer a general overview of the business at a glance. A brochure with poor resolution or amateur photography doesn't have the intended impact, and neither does a website with the same.

Here are some photography tips for website owners.

  1. Hire a professional photographer. (Still the best option)
  2. Use high resolution stock photography. (If you aren't going to hire a pro)
  3. Use the highest resolution camera available.
  4. Use a high end smartphone camera in the absence of a good digital camera.
  5. Take inside photos with all the window coverings open and all the lights on.
  6. Take outside photos when it is bright out.
  7. Take outside photos with the sun at your back to avoid shadows.
  8. Hold smartphones sideways not vertically.
  9. Avoid using the zoom function, walk closer if you want a closer shot.
  10. Take the same shot multiple times and choose the best.
  11. Ensure picture quality settings are set to the highest level.
  12. Take shots from multiple angles.
  13. Clean the lens before taking pictures.
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