5 Steps to Solving SSL Errors

5 Steps to Solving SSL Errors

If you operate a website that uses SSL technology to encrypt data transmission, it is important to make sure it is done correctly. A website that has not been properly prepared for SSL can trigger security warnings for the users. For sites that require any kind of personal or financial data, this type of security warning causes a lack of trust that could very well send your potential customers elsewhere.
Hiring an expert to diagnose and fix security errors on your website can be costly. Here are some free tips and tools that will help you solve potential SSL problems without a budget.

1. Check for Insecure Links to Images or Files

  • Websites that were initially built without SSL and then added SSL later may suffer from content or files using non SSL links.
  • Pictures, CSS and JS files that previously used http:// URL's will need to be changed to https:// URL's

2. Check That the Secure URL Matches the SSL Certificate

  • SSL certificates are valid for only one domain
    https://yourdomain.com and https://www.yourdomain.com are seen as two different domain names
  • Using an .htaccess file, you can direct traffic from one domain format to the other and avoid security errors

3. Check That the SSL Certificate is Not Expired

  • SSL certificates are typically valid for a one year period
  • If the SSL certificate has passed the expiry date, it will result in security errors

4. Check That the SSL Certificate is Incorrectly Installed

  • An incorrectly installed SSL certificate will cause security errors
  • Work with your hosting company to ensure that SSL certificates are installed correctly

5. Check for Issues With a Third Party SSL Certificate

  • If you use third party plugins or services on your SSL secured website, you must also ensure to use SSL URL's for the third party services

How to Check and Fix SSL Errors on Your Website

  • There is a great diagnostic tool called www.whynopadlock.com that allows you to enter your website URL and see all the problems
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