5 Ways Video Benefits SEO and Increases Leads

There is no denying that video has become an increasingly powerful part of online marketing, but not everyone understands why. Here are some of the reasons why video marketing can be a huge benefit to search engine optimization.

Video is More Noticeable Than Text

  • Google's search algorithm returns a mixture of video, image, news, local & more.
  • The thumbnails of a video search result attract much more attention than plain text links.
  • According to a study that collected data from eye tracking systems and heat maps,  users first focal point on a search page was a video result.

Video is More Engaging Than Text

  • Search engines like Google utilize engagement rates as one determining factor as to how search results are displayed.
  • With video having a 400% higher engagement rate than static content, your chances of a better search ranking and higher engagement are vastly improved.

Video in Social Increases Search Rankings

  • Video is more widely shared than any other type of post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social platforms.
  • By utilizing social sharing buttons on your website with your video, you make it easy for users to share your video content.
  • All the major social platforms track engagement levels, play rates, completion rates and click throughs.
  • Also, by enabling ratings and comments on your video, you allow your video page to continuously appear fresh to the search engines as the page is updated with new comments regularly.

Video Reduces Bounce Rates

  • No matter effective an online marketing campaign is in getting people onto a website, if they don't stick around, you have no chance at generating a lead or a sale.
  • 17% of website visitors leave in 4 seconds or less, but they spend an average of 2.7 minutes watching an online video.
  • When people stay on your website longer, it shows the search engines that you have quality content and you are worth ranking higher.

Video Compels Repeat Users

  • Another consideration of search engines is whether people visit your site more than once.
  • Consumers are 45% more likely to return to a website that uses product videos.
  • This shows search engines that your website has value.

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