Using Gmail as a CRM

Using Gmail as a CRM

There are countless options for customer relationship management software these days. Many are complex and expensive, exceeding the requirements of small businesses. Our new friends at GrexIt have found an innovative and simple solution that works with the world's most popular email platform and meets the basic needs of collaboration for project management, customer support and lead management.

What is GrexIt?

In a nutshell, GrexIt is email, supercharged for collaboration on customer support, sales and projects. GrexIt has four main components.
  1. Shared Gmail Labels
  2. Shared Notes
  3. Task Notifications
  4. Label Filters

Shared Gmail Labels

Shared Labels also automatically share follow-up emails and sent emails once they are added to the Gmail thread. Shared Labels work from all email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, iOS, Android etc. - your shared labels would simply show up as folders on these email clients.

Shared Notes

Shared Notes on emails keep track of what is going on in an email thread. They’re a great way for your team to summarize a customer support or sales related email conversation. Any person an email is shared with using a Shared Label can add a note on the email. This works through the GrexIt browser extension on Chrome and Firefox.

Task Notifications

When you have a new task assigned to you, you receive a notification, right in your Inbox. When you have the GrexIt browser extension installed, you receive a notification for every task assigned to you. You can jump straight to the email containing the task from the notification.

Label Filters

Search and Sort your Inbox easily with GrexIt's powerful Label Filters. See who is doing what in seconds. Finding emails assigned to any of your team-mates and sorting them by status of the task is very easy with GrexIt's Label Filters. You can do searches to find emails with any set of labels added or not added to them.

Why Choose GrexIt?

  1. Customer Support
  2. Project Management
  3. Sales Management
  4. Email Delegation

Customer Support

GrexIt’s Shared Gmail Labels and Shared Notes let your team do awesome customer support right from your email inbox.

Project Management

With GrexIt’s Shared Gmail Labels, assigning tasks to team-mates and tracking them is super simply.

Sales Management

With GrexIt’s Shared Gmail Labels and Shared Notes, assigning and sharing sales leads is possible right out of your email inboxes.

Email Delegation

GrexIt makes working with your EA or Virtual Assistant as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just use GrexIt’s shared labels to assign tasks and track them right out of your Gmail inbox.


GrexIt has 4 different plan levels, depending on your volume of need. There is a free trial available, and custom plans can be configured to your exact needs.
  1. Free
  2. Starter
  3. Plus
  4. Enterprise

Free Plan

  • Zilch!
  • 3 Shared Labels
  • Share upto 25 emails/day
  • 10 Shared Notes/day
  • 3 users

Starter Plan

  • $5 / user / month50 Shared Labels
  • Share upto 1000 emails/day
  • 100 Shared Notes/day
  • Mininum 5 users

Plus Plan

  • $9 / user / month
  • 200 Shared Labels
  • Share upto 3000 emails/day
  • 250 Shared Notes/day
  • Minimum 5 users

Enterprise Plan

  • $12 / user / month
  • 500 Shared Labels
  • Share up to 10000 emails/day
  • 1000 Shared Notes/day
  • Minimum 25 users


Although GrexIt may not have all the features of a full on CRM software, it certainly has many useful features of a customer relationship software that many small businesses could benefit from. It is certainly worth taking Grex for a trial run if you have more than one team member that is involved with customer communication in any way.
Find out more about GrexIt and see if it is a good fit for your business by visiting or @grexit.
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