How To Market For Any Season In All Industries

How To Market For Any Season In All Industries - Guest Post

Companies are always looking for a way to make new people into lifelong customers. To do that, though, they have to keep them hooked throughout the year — and that means keeping them in their stores to buy candy for Halloween and Easter, ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, and using other tactics to grab their attention in all four seasons.
Here are some targeted ways your company can increase engagement with your audience throughout the year.
Christmas Bringing Out the Good and Jolly
How To Market For Any Season In All Industries - Guest Post

What drives a lot of Christmas marketing campaigns is capturing the goodwill of people during the holiday season. Many companies like making videos showing people, especially strangers, being kind and helping each other in the spirit of Christmas. For maximum effect, companies can connect with charities and raise awareness for worthy causes while bringing engagement to their services or products.
Some marketing campaigns can’t overlook Santa. It can be tricky using St. Nick in a marketing campaign and not being lost in the blizzard of cliches. Santa is a good choice for companies in shipping, or if a company wants to promote something like a free shipping deal for the holidays. He’s also useful for reminding customers where the best places are to get gifts, if the campaign is done right.
Can You Love the Brand on Valentine’s Day?
How To Market For Any Season In All Industries - Guest Post

What’s more important than the push for those chocolates you buy for your significant other (or crush)? For the full effect, a company can ask a marketing agency to produce personalized candy hearts. They can be cute or tongue-in-cheek, but the short messages on those sweets can reach out to prospective clients rather well.
Date night for Valentine’s Day — the centerpiece of the holiday for many couples — is also a potential boon for companies. It can be as simple as a special offer for your product or restaurant, but you can get creative. A company can look at their target demographic — say, people who really like to watching streaming video — and push for videos that will set up a date of binge-watching with their loved one or crush.
You might not know this, but online dating sites and apps see a spike on Valentine’s Day. It could be a good idea to have your company to join forces with one of them and get engagement and increased users from it.
Haunting Halloween Ideas for Your Marketing Campaign
How To Market For Any Season In All Industries - Guest Post

Be very careful about the costume you choose for your campaign. There’s always a thin line between spooky and offensive. You always have to keep your finger on the pulse of pop culture and see what will become the costume of the year. That little bit of information can bring a lot a foot traffic into your store or eyes on your site.
Video is a powerful medium for Halloween ads. Companies can harness the spooky, kitschy or family-friendly parts of Halloween social campaigns over videos with heads coming out of store shelves, to help customers find the convenience of purchasing their Halloween necessities. 
Some restaurants will use the “haunted house” vibe of negative aspects of their competitor’s brand to boost the quality of their food. For more ambitious Halloween marketing ideas, your company can use haunted tours as a part of your strategy, to give customers real-life engagement. 
Add More People to the Family for Thanksgiving
How To Market For Any Season In All Industries - Guest Post

Your brand can show a very human side of this holiday, especially because of the family aspect. One of the most effective ways to show it? Family photos, of course! Seeing everyone together at the table, in the living room or in the front yard by the leaves evokes a powerful sense of family that can hook people into your brand.

We’re also talking about a big feast. Nothing is better than taking advantage of sharing turkey and pie recipes on your site for your customers to share with others. Better yet, you can also give them a bunch of how-to posts and tips on what to do with all those leftovers!
Every store will prepare their Black Friday push, but the best ones create campaigns that really break down the door. Targeted gift guides on select products, hourly deals or exclusive deals for loyal customers — these are the type of marketing tactics that will help your clients recover from Thanksgiving and crave a good shopping spree.
Mother’s Day Brands for Women and Their Kids
How To Market For Any Season In All Industries - Guest Post

More than anything else, Mother’s Day is a giving holiday. You hand a bouquet or a nice card to your mom, or take her out to a restaurant. The way you can interact with those in a giving mood is simple: by making the process easier through deals or photos that narrow down the options.

Mother’s Day is a huge opportunity for many companies. They not only grab the attention of moms everywhere, but you also get all their kids — and their income — as well. Long-established brands have effectively used nostalgia on Mother’s Day, reminding adults of the days when they would spend time with mom as little kids. Nothing like a good throwback photo or video in standard-definition that can really get the message of your services across. 
Companies cater more to women on Mother’s day, there’s no question about that. So it makes sense to become active on sites where women are the stronger users — like Pinterest, for example — and build targeted campaigns that make their products show up on their pin board. For a more real-world example, mail offers that are more appealing to women will get their feet inside your store much faster. 
Marketing Strategies That Hop for Easter
How To Market For Any Season In All Industries - Guest Post

Easter, despite its Christian origins, is pretty secular as far as marketing campaigns are concerned. That’s because we all love one thing regardless of religion: bunnies. The cute little animal is a staple of company Easter strategies worldwide. A well-designed bunny graphic works well on your website of flyer, or even in the very design of your seasonal products.
Then there’s the famous Easter egg hunt, loved by families and children. Many marketing campaigns use scavenger hunts regularly, so it makes sense to use similar ideas during the holiday to extend their brand. Just make sure your hunt always leads to your store!
Year-Long Marketing Tips to Think About 
There are a few things to consider when making a seasonal campaign.
  • For an international marketing campaign, remember that it will not connect with every region. For example, Christmas is very hot is South America, so snow might not be something you need in images.
  • You also don’t have to put a direct plug on all your products. Just get the message across and things will be fine.
  • Social media posts get stale very quickly. Stay on the ball, or they can come off as clunky — or the source of a bad hashtag.
As long as a company can get a positive feeling of the season connected with its brand, it will reach the widest audience possible. And from that, their success will last all year long.
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