How To Design Product Packaging

How To Design Product Packaging - Guest Post

You’ve invented the perfect product. Everything about it is far superior to the rest of the market. You’re bound to make a lot of money.
Except no one buys it. Why?
Take a look at your package. Is it creative? Does it represent your brand and communicate your company’s message? Does it display your product and make people want to buy it?
These elements of your package are the key to making sales. Here’s how to design product packaging that will make your product stand out.
Simple, Yet Creative
Simplicity is key to an effective package. If there’s too much going on, then the focus gets taken away from the product itself. You want your package to creatively bring the best out of your product and showcase its features to consumers.
If your package is too colorful or the design is too hectic, it distracts the consumer from what the product actually is. Your package has to complement the product. Simplicity also helps stand out because store shelves are already full of wacky designs that are supposed to grab your attention. A simple design contrasts that and is more appealing.
How To Design Product Packaging - Guest Post

Note earbuds masters the ability to have a simple package, while still being creative and presenting the product’s main feature. The package itself is an off-white color that brings out the darkness of the headphones.
The way the earbuds are packaged is tremendous. They’re shaped like a music note, which reflects the company’s name. If you can keep the package simple and creatively display your product at the same time, then you’ve created an effective package design.
Trigger Emotion
Your package has to make a deep connection with consumers. They have to feel something when they look at your package. When you get consumers emotionally invested in your product, you’re much more likely to make a sale. They will always grab your product off the shelf because it brings back the emotional experience of seeing it for the first time.
The best way to trigger an emotional response is to add human element to your package. This takes the manufactured traits away from the product and makes the consumer relate to it more. Amazon used this in its logo when it added a curved line that represents a smile.
How To Design Product Packaging - Guest Post

Smiles and eyes on your package will evoke emotion. This milk package uses friendly cartoon smiles to bring out happiness. You now equate this bottle of milk with being happy. The facial expressions cause the consumer to buy this brand over any other bottle of milk on the shelf. Try to get your package to trigger an emotional response.
Stand Out
Your package should be innovative and stand out on the shelf. There are many ways to do this. The best way to approach how to stand out is to study what your competitors’ packages look like. Find the one great aspect they’re missing and then focus on that for your package. If they are avoiding simplicity, make your package simple. If their fonts are hard to read, make your font clear.
Complexity might be a great way to stand out. Using a crisp design can add a level of sophistication that your package might need to practically jump off the shelves. Your package might need a foil design, for example.
How To Design Product Packaging - Guest Post

Foil design adds more layers to your package. Primineo Whiskey uses a foil design to bring out bold colors and add an artistic touch with darker shades. The gold and white colors really pop with a foil design against the black background. There’s also a light black design by the logo that makes the bottle look like it’s from a museum. This prestige design makes consumers want to own this bottle of whiskey.
Show The Product
Every package has similar features. They contain the company logo, branded color scheme and tagline about the product. However, there’s one thing packages should be doing more of.
Packages should show the product.
Adding a window in your package and showing the product inside builds trust with your customers. If they can see what it looks like, they’ll know they’re buying a high-quality product. This is especially true in the food industry.
How To Design Product Packaging - Guest Post

Take a look at how Beehive is displaying its product. It added a clear window that displays what the product looks like so consumers can visualize and desire it.The package is also creatively made with the window being the mouth of a bear. This mix of creativity and showing the product is what you should be striving for.
Enhance Usability
The design of your package can do more than grab consumers’ attention.It can also enhance the usability of your product. If your product is easier to use, it can be more appealing than your competitor’s products.
How To Design Product Packaging - Guest Post

Heinz knows the benefits of using its product’s package to make it easier to use. In a time where ketchup sales had hit the ceiling,Heinz decided to turn its bottle upside down. This makes sure the ketchup is always near the top and you can easily squeeze it out. All of a sudden, ketchup sales skyrocketed and consumers couldn’t get enough of the new bottle.
When you’re designing your package, think beyond the logo, color scheme and overall design. Think about how your package can make the consumer enjoy your product even more than they already do.
Make the Choice
Your package should make the purchasing choice for the consumer. It should represent your brand and make your product irresistible.
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