How To Automate Retweets For Free And Why You Should Proceed Cautiously

How To Automate Retweets For Free And Why You Should Proceed Cautiously

Recently we've been working with some teams that want to use their individual Twitter accounts to promote the content streaming to the company profile. This post will cover two different ways to automate this behaviour.
  1. Retweet All Posts Using IFTTT 
  2. Retweet All Posts Using RoundTeam 
One great thing about Twitter is the API, which allows third party developers to integrate their own apps into the social network, increasing its functionality. Both of these tips utilize third party tools, and you will need to use your Twitter login credentials to connect their apps to your Twitter account.
Retweet All Posts Using IFTTT
IFTTT (If This Then That), has a vast selection of "applets" or conditional statements for multiple social networks and cloud based softwares, which are triggered when the specified condition is met. In this use case, we can use an applet that is designed to retweet another user each time he or she publishes a new tweet.
Click on the link below to get started and follow the steps on the IFTTT website.

Automatically retweet the text of new tweets from a specific Twitter account

This will retweet the text of new tweets by the @user of your choice. You can make multiple versions to retweet multiple accounts. Just add in the username to watch.
One note of caution with this solution is that you will end up retweeting every post of the selected account, whether good or bad. There is potential for you to auto-retweet a post that is offensive to you or your audience, and it could go unnoticed for some time.
Retweet All Posts Using RoundTeam
RoundTeam specializes in Twitter solutions, including auto-retweets, direct messages, and more. In this solution, once you authorize RoundTeam to connect to your account by logging in with your Twitter credentials, you can begin retweeting posts from a specific user or several users. This solution is slightly more complex than the one above. You create a public list within your Twitter account, and add one or several Twitter users to the list. Then go to RoundTeam and select the list you just made. All posts made by users on the list will be retweeted by your Twitter account courtesy of RoundTeam.
Click on the link below to get started and follow the steps on the RoundTeam website.

RoundTeam, the Twitter content management platform

RoundTeam automates the task of discovering and sharing relevant Tweets. We bring quality content to your followers and keep you engaged with the Twitter community. Try RoundTeam today - it's free.
The RoundTeam solution has the same drawback as the IFTTT solution, however there is also an added caveat. If you choose the free account, RoundTeam will send out a tweet promoting their service after every 10 retweets they publish on your behalf. Also, there is a limitation of 200 retweets per month on the free account level (approximately 6-7 per day).
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