Can Outdoor Marketing Still Be Effective in the Internet Age?

Can Outdoor Marketing Still Be Effective in the Internet Age

Marketing is an industry that has seen massive changes in the last few years with the growth of the internet, the rise of social media and the domination of the smart phone. Marketers face a daily struggle to find the best combination of traditional and modern methods to get their message to the right people. One of the mainstays of marketing was outdoor marketing, such as billboards, but does this still have a place in the internet age?
What Exactly Is Outdoor Marketing
In its most basic form, outdoor marketing is any marketing that is done outside. This can be anything from billboards on a roundabout, signs on buses or even adverts on bus stands or other public places. Advertising on sports vehicles, airplanes and other forms of transport come under this heading and even information kiosks are classed as outdoor marketing.
Billboards are the most commonly used type of outdoor marketing and account for around 65% of all advertising of this type. They are also a huge way to advertise local businesses because they advertise in a local area. Seven out of every ten outdoor marketing subjects will be a local company connecting with local customers.
Why Outdoor Marketing Still Works
That local factor is one of the reasons that outdoor marketing still works and actually had good return on investment figures around the world. It creates a cost effective form of advertising that doesn’t require constant adjustment – you have a billboard placed and done right, it can be there for as long as you want it to be.
Outdoor marketing also offers constant exposure for the business. For example, you pass a billboard every day going to work – after a while, the brand embeds itself in your head and when you want that particular service, you will recall it.  
With the different opportunities for advertising, there are plenty of different design possibilities for a business. You could advertise one service on a billboard, another on a bus stand advert and a third on a revolving kiosk in the local shopping center. This means you can target the ads based on the location – shopping related services in the shopping center, for example.
Developing An Outdoor Marketing Campaign
There are some general concepts that are used when developing an outdoor marketing campaign to increase the chances of success. For starters, it is important to keep the message simple – people might have a split second glance at the billboard so you need to give them the most information in the most precise way. Use attention grabbing visuals including the company logo and contact information.
Once you place an outdoor marketing advert, give it at least 30 days to see any kind of impact from it. This gives it a chance for people to see the messages repeatedly and start to remember the company. Finally, consider advertising in a number of locations rather than just one to increase the number of people seeing the adverts and therefore the chance of gaining customers from the campaign.
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Can Outdoor Marketing Still Be Effective in the Internet Age
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