7 Steps to a Better Brand Identity

7 Steps to a Better Brand Identity

Distances have less meaning then they once did. Consumers are no longer limited to locally or seasonally available product. In this increasingly competitive business environment, brand identity can be very important.

Here are 7 things to consider when building an identity for your brand name that will stand out from the crowd.

1. Determine Your Target Audience

Until you determine your target demographic, you can not market your products efficiently. Take some time to determine who your customer will be. For example, you may consider age, gender, or geographic region.

2. Create a Brand Statement

When done well, a brand statement will communicate a general overview of the products you offer, and the advantage of choosing your company. It should consider the previously identified target audience.

3. Who Are Your Competitors

Understanding who your competitors are allows you to gain valuable insights into what may be working well for them. By analyzing your competition, you not only get insight into what they do well, you can also craft a brand identity that helps you stand apart.

4. Differentiate Your Company

What makes your company different from the rest? How is your company better? It is important to highlight these key points when constructing a brand identity.

5. Logo and Slogan

An eye catching logo and catchy slogan can help customers remember your brand. This is another opportunity to communicate what your products are.

6. Brand Personality

Sharing real life experiences from your customers can help build a brand personality that connects with other consumers.

7. Advertising

Once you've determined your target demographic, you can use that information to effectively reach your intended audience with advertising.
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