Reborn Gmail Gives Teaser Into Artificial Intelligence Powered Future

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Gmail is a cutting edge email app
for computers, tablets, and phones that has been in use since 2004. The program has constantly grown and evolved over the years, with developers adding a plethora of productivity features. Relatively new in the Gmail arsenal includes artificial intelligence and machine learning. Gmail is changing how we communicate with its use of AI. Users no longer need to worry about perfect spelling or ideal sentence structure thanks to Smart Compose. Gone are the days when a user forgets to reply to an important email with the introduction of Nudges. That occasional pesky spam email that somehow gets through the filters is a thing of the past with the deployment of a machine learning framework called TensorFlow.

Smart Compose

Smart Compose is a Gmail feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to predict what you are typing, and offer suggestions that finish your sentences if you choose. This tool can be a great time saver for users who send a lot of emails. As the user types, Gmail's artificial intelligence system offers an idea for the rest of the sentence. Should the user agree, one touch of the keyboard allows them to use the suggestion. The Smart Compose feature continues working as long as the user is composing.

Video example of smart compose


Gmail provides a gentle reminder called a nudge if it detects an email that the user hasn't replied to yet. This artificial intelligence powered feature sifts through all of your emails and only prompts you to reply when warranted. In the instance of the screenshot below, the user received a prompt to the right of an email reminding them they haven't yet replied to a message that is three days old.
Screenshot example of Gmail nudge
Spam Filter Improvements

Although Gmail is arguably one of the top major email providers available for spam prevention, they are delivering further improvements with a machine learning framework called TensorFlow. . According to Neil Kumaran, Product Manager of Gmail Security, "With TensorFlow, we are now blocking around 100 million additional spam messages every day."
Gmail Tensorflow gif

Gmail's investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning will no doubt be a competitive advantage that ensures its continued popularity.

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