How SMEs Can Prepare for Black Friday

How SMEs Can Prepare for Black Friday
Black Friday Shopper
Originally a significant date on the retail calendar in the USA, Black Friday has gradually increased in importance and popularity throughout the world. With large, medium and small retailers being impacted by the historic shopping holiday, it is essential that whatever the size of your business; you are as prepared as possible for the big day in order to benefit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday as much as possible.

Run a Website Test

Although it may seem like an obvious and simple place to start, ensuring your E-commerce website is running smoothly with no errors and a quick loading time as this will help massively when it comes to potential customers browsing your store. You need to be aware of the potential traffic and sales you could experience, and evaluate whether this is something your platform can handle. The last thing you want is increased traffic and a slow or faulty website that prevents conversions.

Push Your Offers 

Make sure any offers, vouchers or price reductions are clearly advertised whether this is through email marketing, flyers, website banners, paid ads, or signs in store. Spreading the word about your offers leading up to Black Friday is always a good place to start as well, if people are aware you’re going to be participating in the day by providing offers, then they are likely to shop with you over another store or site that hasn’t mentioned the holiday at all. Consider including a countdown clock to the sale on your site homepage.

Expect The Unexpected 

In terms of staff and stock, always be as prepared as possible. Whether that means having extra staff on standby, or plenty of stock these again seem like obvious ways to prepare but they will make all of the difference. If you work in an E Commerce store that ships parcels out, have a system in place to make the picking and packing process as quick, easy and straightforward as possible.

Manage Your Stock Effectively 

As a consumer, nothing is more frustrating than getting ready to make a purchase and a product selling out. Anticipating just how many of your items you may sell, and preparing the stock levels in advance can prevent this from happening. Using a stock management system or programme can help you be on top of all of your products in your shop or store and can ensure it remains organised amidst the Black Friday chaos!

Review Past Black Friday Data

A good way to predict potential sales and manage your stock effectively, is to review previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to see the potential level of sales for this year. This way you can easily identify products that were popular, products that sold out quicker than others, and what didn’t do so well. Alter and improve your offers based on this, focusing on ways you can increase sales for the upcoming day. Were there certain times that you saw increased sales? When does your site get more visitors? Did you open your store earlier last Black Friday? If so, was this worthwhile?

Don’t Forget The Ts & Cs!

To prevent any costly misunderstandings, be sure to clearly advertise any important terms and conditions that are relevant to the offers you’re promoting. For example, include a clear expiry time and date, if there is a minimum spend attached state this or if an offer is not available against a certain brand or service, also make this clear and this way you will avoid any angry customers!

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